Our Service

Consulting, installation, implementation support and training

Robotron will gladly assist you from the very beginning all the way through to implementation.

Adapting to robotron*Daphne@WEB

Robotron can carry out the integration of robotron*Daphne@WEB into the respective institution’s existing Internet presence.

Data migration from current databases

Robotron takes care of the data migration from your previous systems in order to save you unnecessary maintenance work. Due to our extensive experience in this area we can guarantee a complete migration without any loss of data.


Due to the modular structure, customerspecific extensions are possible following consultation with Robotron.

Hosting services

With robotron*Daphne, Robotron customers have the benefit of a professional, secure computer center.

Annual customer meeting

In our private online forum for Daphne customers and those interested in Daphne, we facilitate the exchange of ideas and information with other users. The Daphne team encourages feedback and questions as part of the forum. Please contact us to request your access authorisation.

Customer meetings as well as the robotron*Daphne online forum provide the opportunity for exchanges within the Daphne community.