Apollo and Daphne

After being mocked by Apollo as being a bad shot, Eros, the god of love, shot two arrows with opposite effects into Apollo and Daphne. While Apollo fell in everlasting love with Daphne, she wanted nothing to do with him and remained cold to his advances, running away from Apollo as he pursued her. Exhausted by the chase, Daphne implored her father Peneios to change her form, which Apollo found so irresistible. Her body froze to the spot and she was transformed into a laurel tree.

Why Daphne?

In 2005 Robotron was awarded a contract by the Dresden State Art Collections (SKD) for a project that was vaguely referred to as the “museums database”. Following the completion of the first version of the software in 2006, the SKD held a competition to see who amongst their employees could come up with the best name. Out of the many suggestions, Daphne was the winner. According to Greek mythology, Daphne morphed into a laurel tree, and that moment of metamorphosis has inspired many artists. robotron*Daphne stands for the transformation of real artworks into digital data.