The innovative collection database for museums

robotron*Daphne is a collection management system that has been created to enable recording and managing large collections in an exceptionally efficient way. It combines the basic philosophy of the maximum simplicity and the highest possible performance with the elegance of a modern application. Its intuitive usability allows any museum employee to record objects productively and in a short time.

Why choosing robotron*Daphne?

Today, museums are facing greater challenges than ever. Not only do collections need to be inventoried and presented in a contemporary way, but linking knowledge to public networks has also become standard practice. In addition, provenance research is a highly demanding task that requires extensive resources to provide conclusive information on the origin of art or cultural artefacts. Furthermore, all this should be implemented as efficiently as possible, without extensive, time-consuming training and with ever-decreasing numbers of personnel from diverse backgrounds. This is where robotron*Daphne comes in. The innovative collection management system has been developed to meet these requirements and provide comprehensive support for users in the fields of science, depot management, research, photography, registration and curation of data in their daily work. robotron*Daphne offers unique functions for all these professional groups, which are tailored to the needs of the users. The innovative collection management system can be used for collections of all kinds — not only for museums, archives, and artists' estates, but also for private collectors in the field of monument conservation and in archaeology.

Your advantages with robotron*Daphne at a glance

Above-average efficient recording possibilities due to intelligent standardization (GND, GeoNames etc.)

Capturing and management in a single interface

Collection-specific object descriptions in the "special data set"

Support for multilingualism through integration of the AAT (Art and Architecture Thesaurus)

Cost savings through network solutions (museum network, campus, corporate licenses, etc.)

Restitution and provenance research

Configurable authorization system for defining access rights to functions and data

Central data storage in a relational database system from Oracle, also possible as embedded version

robotron*Daphne is suitable for cultural institutions of any size as well as collections of all kinds

SPECTRUM certified