robotron*SmartMonitoring monitors conservation conditions in your premises in a modern and cost-effective way.

Through small and long-range wireless sensors you can measure various parameters, such as temperature, humidity, light intensity or CO2 concentration. The measured values are transmitted to a central database. The sensors usually do not require an external power supply and can be placed without any structural changes. The installation of the monitoring system can therefore also be implemented in listed buildings without any problems.

As individual as your requirements

Conservation conditions and their target values (maxima, minima) can be defined for each individual measuring channel. Compliance with the limits is continuously monitored and documented. In the event of a violation, robotron*SmartMonitoring informs you in the dashboard and, if desired, via e-mail or via Messenger "Signal".

An interface to robotron*Daphne enables the transfer of the conservation conditions maintained on the objects into robotron*SmartMonitoring at the push of a button. This interface is not limited to robotron*Daphne alone: other systems can also be easily connected. The dashboards generated by robotron*SmartMonitoring are pure web applications. The data is available wherever there is Internet without installing a special application. In addition, in robotron*Daphne the measured values can be displayed directly in diagrams on the object or location.

Simple installation

robotron*SmartMonitoring is multi-client capable. Simply register your gateways and sensors in the monitoring system and feed the data into the database. All dashboards and alarms are provided by Robotron, but can be customized depending on your preferences. The measured data is stored for the long term and, even if not yet implemented in the interface, can thus be analyzed over selectable periods of time, taking into account the assignment of sensors to objects or locations. The measurement data can be exported under different aspects (per sensor/channel or object/location), for example as a CSV file.


Your advantages

Cloud-native application

Variety of interfaces for integration into different systems

Sensors can be placed without structural changes

High availability

Dynamic scalability

Real-time capability

Sensor data in real time

LoRa wireless sensors

  • wireless and encrypted transmission method (128 bit AES)
  • data rates from only 0.3 to 50 kbit/s
  • Signal range of up to two kilometers in urban areas, 15 km or more in open terrain (more than WiFi or Bluetooth can achieve)
  • Walls and projectiles are no obstacle for the radio signals
  • LoRa wireless sensors require little maintenance and usually no external power supply (one set of batteries powers the sensors for up to 10 years)

LoRa Gateways

  • bundle the data of up to 1,000 wireless sensors
  • high radio range of data transmissions as well as low energy costs with long battery runtimes at the same time
  • Gateways and sensors are relatively inexpensive: Gateways are available from approx. 50.00 Euro, sensors from approx. 20.00 Euro

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