Museum visitors who visit an exhibition without a guided tour are often provided with audio guides. A convenient tool for the visitor, but a huge investment in terms of time and money for the museum or collection. Once created, the audio guide content cannot be easily changed — it remains static in its only version until the exhibition is replaced by a new one. robotron*Daphne's Multimedia Guide is a flexible alternative to conventional audio guide tools. With its help, existing data from the collection database can be easily used, all content can be continuously updated, and visitors can always be provided with up-to-date versions of the tours tailored to different target groups.
Visitors to the exhibition receive a web app that can be opened on their mobile device without an initial download in order to obtain information on any of the exhibition objects. They can also view objects that are not physically part of the current exhibition but are in the depot or were on display in previous exhibitions.



Your advantages: Simple - Direct - Up-to-date

This is how the robotron*Daphne multimedia guide works:

By using robotron*Daphne as a content management system (CMS), any number of tour projects can be created. For this purpose, data, and media already available in the collection database can be used, or completely new data can be linked to the objects. 
A preview allows the tour creator to check the content from the visitor's perspective before releasing it for replication. Replication ensures that the information is published cyclically on the Internet, providing visitors with a responsive web app that always displays the latest versions of the tours, including audio guides.


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