Simple: guide visitors through exhibitions

  • Target-group-specific versions of tours provided on the visitors’ own mobile devices
  • Optional views of past exhibitions or treasures in storage
  • Audio files and their transcriptions, videos and text files
  • Identify objects by entering numbers or via QR code
  • Show zoomable photos
  • Tours of different lengths and in different languages
  • Web app without initial download

Direct: create touring projects within the collection database

  • Imbed various media from the integrated collection database
  • Create new objects
  • Add transcriptions to audio files
  • Present existing object-related metadata
  • Create tours by combining objects and additional information pages
  • Create fixed tours or explore on your own
  • Address different target groups, contexts and/or priorities
  • No duplicate maintenance of the data necessary thanks to the integration into the collection database
  • Presentation of tours on mobile devices, as well as on the computer

Up-to-date: the newest version of the tour

  • Use robotron*Daphne as a content management system (CMS)
  • Creation as many tour projects as needed
  • Review the tour from a visitor's point of view
  • Continuous updates of audio guide content
  • Cyclical publication of updated information on the Internet
  • Provide visitors with tour data
  • Only one requirement: connection to local WLAN