robotron*Daphne 2.0.3 released with new features!

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Learn about the newest features of robotron*Daphne.

A new version of robotron*Daphne has just been released! Both improvements to existing software and new features make working with robotron*Daphne even more comfortable.

With the new software release Daphne provides functions of the artificial intelligence. Based on deep learning algorithms, the user is able to find similar images of objects in the inventory. This can be of significance when it is not certain whether an object has already been digitally inventoried or similar objects are to be grouped together for the conception of an exhibition.

There are also innovations in the multilingualism of robotron*Daphne. It is no longer limited to the software itself. Rather, data content can now also be multilingual and thus, for example, to be presented on the internet via robotron*Daphne-Collection. When translating the materials, the user can use the services of the international thesaurus AAT or also data from WikiData.

Further highlights of the new version include the extensions in the archive module, the availability of customer-specific help texts or a generic export of data in LIDO format.