How digital exhibitions are brought to life

The digitization of collections and exhibitions will continue to be an important issue in 2021. Although cultural institutions currently have to remain closed, there are still opportunities to give visitors exciting insights into their own attractions in virtual space. But how does this work? Of course, digital cultural offerings thrive on vivid media, such as images, audio recordings or videos that provide visitors with detailed information about the exhibits. Quickly comprehensible explanatory texts can convey background knowledge and spark curiosity for a "real" visit.

The playback of all media should be possible without any problems on the Internet and should work on all end devices. In the best case, it is not necessary to program new software for a digital exhibition. The robotron*Daphne collection database, for example, offers its users an "all-round carefree package" with an integrated multimedia guide and an optimized Internet presentation with the "robotron*Daphne Collection" module. By the way, robotron*Daphne is one of the most intuitive database systems and thus facilitates quick familiarization.

Our customers throughout Germany are already demonstrating how they have mastered the digitization of their exhibitions and collections with our collection database. We invite you to see for yourself!

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