robotron*Daphne Release 2.1.3 – All rights at a glance.

Since December, the new version of robotron*Daphne 2.1.3 has been gradually rolled out to our customers. The focus is on the optimal management of rights and authorizations with regard to objects, media and users.

We have optimized and expanded the area of authorization and rights management in close cooperation with our customers. It is now possible to define even more differentiated which entities (e.g. objects, media, interviews, etc.) a user has access to, and to what extent.

An important part of museum work is to make collections accessible to the public through publications or online presentations such as robotron*Daphne-Collection. Legal aspects such as copyrights and rights of use must always be taken into account, and users should be able to quickly view and easily administer these in the collection database. robotron*Daphne now provides an even more comprehensive way of documenting and mapping these rights for objects and media. The integrated tables and remark fields serve the usual intuitive and time-saving working method of robotron*Daphne.

Another notable feature is the automatism in this subject area. It checks individual objects or entire collections for public domain status and automatically adds a note to the object data record if the defined parameters are met.